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Control Based on Priority Pest

Pest Control Based on Most Problem Pest

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Growers have multiple pests that need to be controlled. Deciding when to treat and with what gets complicated. The pest control color wheel illustrates the various treatment windows for the different pests. Some pests, like the rosette bud mite (RBM), have a very narrow window for control. Therefore, it is the first pest to consider. If you have RBM, read through “Focus on rosette bud mite control” first. Control of virtually all other pests except for fall treatment of Cinara aphids can occur during the treatment window for RBM.

If you don’t have RBM, the second pest to consider is elongate hemlock scale (EHS). For treatment options for EHS control plus all other pests, see “Focus on elongate hemlock scale control.” Again, you can control all pests while controlling EHS.

The third pest to consider is balsam woolly adelgid (BWA). These can be controlled virtually any time of year.

If you don’t have RBM, EHS or BWA but are nearing harvest, then control of Cinara and twig aphids because most important.

Mite control can be added on any time other pests are being controlled except during the winter months. The focus on mite control page has information on miticides and when they should be added.