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Butterflies were commonly seen in Christmas tree fields, especially in the fall.

Butterfly Gallery

The following are photographs of common butterflies taken in Fraser fir fields and field borders during the study. Those less commonly seen are so indicated.


Swallowtails were one of the most common butterflies observed, especially where field borders or field roads were allowed to grow up.

Meadow fritillaries

Meadow fritillaries are a common small butterfly seen in Fraser fir fields.

clouded sulphur

Another common butterfly is the clouded sulphur.


The gray hairstreak is frequently seen in Christmas tree fields.

hobomok skippe

The hobomok skipper was found in several fields.

silver-spotted skipper

The silver-spotted skipper was less common than some, but still frequently found.


Monarch butterflies were seen in a couple of sites later in the fall.

Monarch caterpillar

This Monarch caterpillar were found in a couple of farms that had a lot of milkweed.


The gulf coast fritillary butterfly was found only at one site.

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