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Backpack Mistblowers

Types of Sprayers

Backpack Mistblowers

bpmist-250Backpack mistblowers have a small gasoline-powered engine that drives a fan similar to a leaf-blower. The liquid pesticide is typically in a 3-gallon tank. The nozzle is gravity fed, and as the pesticide falls into the air-stream, it is broken into fine droplets.


  • provides excellent coverage
  • suitable for spot treatments
  • control settings allow adjustment of spray volumn to suit needs
  • sprays several feet to allow treatment of tall trees


  • highly driftable
  • is expensive for a hand-held uinit
  • is heavy and noisey for the operator
  • may result in pesticide exposure for the operator
  • requires frequent fill-ups if more than a few trees are being treated
  • very labor intensive

Most Effective Spray Pattern:

Treat trees from opposite directions. Treat no more than 2 rows at a time.

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