First Christmas Tree Scouting Videos Released

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In the spring of 2019, the NC State Christmas Tree Extension Team requested funding from the NC Pesticide Environmental Trust Fund to create high quality scouting videos. These videos would be in both English and Spanish and teach middle management workers on Christmas tree farms in western North Carolina how to effectively scout for scales, other problem pests, and beneficial insects. The presence of certain scales on either Christmas trees, wreaths or roping is of regulatory concern in some states and countries.

Scouting Video Team

Video Team: Brad Edwards, Kelley St. Germain, Travis Birdsell, Dr. Jill Sidebottom

Germain Media, LLC, an established video production firm in Ashe County, NC, was contracted to create the videos. Throughout the summer and fall, the Christmas tree team has worked with Germain Media, LLC to create scripts, record footage, record narration, edit and produce videos with the following topics: How to Use a Hand Lens, How to Scout for Elongate Hemlock Scale, How to Identify Cryptomeria Scale, Making Wreaths to Avoid Scale, and Scouting Cut Trees for Scale.

We are excited to announce we have completed and released our first set of videos, Making Wreaths to Avoid Scale, just in time for the greenery/wreath production season. These videos can now be utilized by the Christmas tree industry to better serve their immediate needs. We look forward to the release of more videos over the coming months and the immediate impact they will have as a training resource available in Spanish.

English Version

Spanish Version